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The Cinnamon Bear

A new twist on a holiday classic, The Cinnamon Bear: A Holiday Adventure is being brought to life by an all-star cast, and it ain’t your grandpappy’s spiced eggnog. For starters, Jimmy and Judy, those ridiculously naïve kids from the original, are now skeptical, savvy, and sarcastic little buggers (hey, parents - sound familiar?). They follow the magical Cinnamon Bear (Alan Cumming) on an out-of-this-world trek to find their lost (or stolen!) tree-topping star. Along the way, they’ll encounter some bizarre (and hilarious) characters, including Mr. Presto the Magician (John Goodman), the Crazy Quilt Dragon (Stephen Root), and - spoiler alert! - Santa Claus himself (Ryan Reynolds). Mix in a playful score by cofounder of the Pogues James Fearnley, and you’ve got a deliciously rich and rewarding holiday experience kids and parents will love.

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